As Matchmakers we love to see singles take big steps in making their relationship dreams a reality. However, time is one common factor that many busy singles forget to prioritize, even though it may be one of THE most important ingredients in dating!

We know that life can be full of roadblocks and busy schedules, and that’s why so many singles become members of It’s Just Lunch! We have more than 30 years serving our communities as first date experts, working with busy professionals who are serious about finding a meaningful, lasting relationship. Our Matchmakers do all of the work so you can have all the fun meeting your date in person.

That’s right! No spending months texting back and forth with canceled dinners and drinks. No overwhelming messages to weed through only to be ghosted.

We. Get. You. Out!

So what are you waiting for?!

Life is crazy sometimes, we get it!

Between work, family, and other obligations, it’s safe to say that single, busy professionals have pretty full calendars. Prioritizing one’s personal life is something we all have to remind ourselves of now and again. One easy way to live into putting your personal life as a focus is by working with our Matchmakers. This ensures you are taking action and living into meeting people, despite how busy you may be.

Don’t be that single who is super excited about meeting someone and pushes the date out two or three weeks. The more time that passes the less excitement, so keep the excitement fresh and plan your date sooner than later.

Dating doesn’t stop just because you do!

Remember singles are always busy meeting other singles. Think about it this way, in baseball, if you never step up to the plate, you never have the opportunity of hitting the ball out of the park! It’s the same with dating; don’t let someone else take your “at-bat.”

Plain and simple, opportunities will be missed. And dating is all about timing!

When singles are serious about wanting a relationship, our dating experts suggest setting at least a few hours, one day a week, aside for dating. Then, even if you don’t end up scheduling a date, you have found time for yourself. It’s a win- win situation! Honestly, the more you appear available to a potential mate, no matter how busy you are, the more someone new in your life will feel you are ready for a relationship and be eager to attempt one with you.


Don’t bail on your commitment!

If you schedule a date, do your very best to not have to reschedule. Yes, it’s flu season, and just because we are single doesn’t mean we are germ resistant! So if you are coming down with something, everyone in this day and age appreciates rescheduling. Most dates will understand if you have to, but do it more than once and it can be viewed as being flaky. When dating, keeping a commitment speaks volumes. Keep this in mind when you consider rescheduling.

Remember your date is looking forward to meeting you. And think about it…how many times would you like your date to reschedule on you? You would be frustrated, right?….and then some doubt may even creep in. Don’t let it - make a date, go on the date!


Making time in your schedule can be a big step in making your relationship dreams a reality. Everyone has the same amount of hours each day, it’s about how we choose to use it that is the secret to relationship success.

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